Accurate automated commercial print estimating

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By truly automating the estimating process, Brightblue gives you an opportunity to:

  • allow sales or non-specialist staff to produce accurate estimates
    easy-to-use system requires only a basic understanding of print

  • expand your business without employing additional estimating staff
    printers involved with print management companies can now accommodate the significant increase in estimate volumes

  • respond more quickly to price requests
    customers routinely process 15 complex estimates per hour per Brightblue user

  • manage your profit margins proactively and consistently
    adjust margin to match capacity and support consistent customer markups

  • reduce layout costs
    including complex stonehenge and interlocking folders

  • lower the cost of quoting
    half the cost to produce an estimate, allow key customers to obtain their own accurate prices

  • be consistently accurate in your costings - eliminate estimating errors
    be 100% confident that all your quotes are both competitive and profitable

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